What Makes Shopify and Magento Popular E-commerce Platforms in Singapore

If you own to be part of ecommerce Singapore, you want to pick from the best e-commerce platforms for your operation. But, with all platforms available out there, you may find it hard to decide which one suits your business. The increasing number of e-commerce platforms in the country has to do with the fact that online shopping is a big industry in Southeast Asia. Here is the top list of platforms you can choose from for your business in Singapore:


Shopping has more than one million customers who use its e-commerce software. If fact, more than 1800 online stores in the country are already using Shopify as their preferred e-commerce solution. This is because sellers can easily have a fully functioning e-commerce store up selling their products within just hours, from scratch.


Magento boasts more than 200, 000 worldwide (and almost 700 in Singapore) businesses that use its platform for its online stores. The security elements associated with the platform make the latter attractive to sellers. Users of this e-commerce platform are in good secure hands. Its security features include improved password management and prevention of cross-site scripting attacks. Every online business owner will want their business safe from attacks and using Magento is simply the way to go.

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