Why You Need Glass Partitioning for Your Office

If you want to take your office space and keep it open while still giving people privacy, glass partitioning is a great option. You can create an amazing office space that boosts productivity, looks great, and provides the privacy employees need without making them feel isolated. You need to work with an experienced company that has years of experience installing glass partitions so that you can rely on them to do a great job.

Standard Glass Partitioning

When you get glass partitioning for your office, you have a lot of different options. The most basic type of partition is a single glass partition that creates a private space. They are made with toughened safety glass that is set in aluminium, and it has a frameless appearance. You can add standard patterns, graphics, frosting, and more. The glass panes come in 10-mm or 12-mm thickness. In addition, they offer sound protection of up to 33 dB.

Double-glazed glass partitions appear the same as single-glazed, but double-glazed uses two sheets of glass that are bonded together. This improves sound insulation, and you can actually place blinds between the two glass pieces for added privacy when you need it.

Other Options for Glass Partitioning

In addition to standard partitioning, you can get office glass partitioning that is banded, fire rated, acoustic, or curved. Banded partitioning is popular in offices around the country; it uses an aluminium framework around the perimeter with UPVC bars intersecting the glass. It looks framed, and the banding comes in different colours.

Fire rated glass partitioning gives your office extra protection from fire, and acoustic glass partitions are designed to provide additional privacy. If you want to leave an impression, curved glass partitions are very stylish. They will make your office stand out. The curved glass offers a softer environment, and you can customise different spaces.

Switchable Glass Partitioning

Another option is switchable glass partitioning. Another name for this style is smart glass, and you can switch between clear and opaque glass by touching a button. It is made with different layers, including glass, a self-adhesive layer, a soft flexible and transparent Indium Tin Oxide layer, and a layer of liquid crystal molecules. When you touch the button, the crystals move to block the light, which creates the opaque wall. It comes with a remote control, and it is resistant to heat and uses shatterproof glass.

Final Words

When you transform your space with glass partitioning, you have a range of options. You are sure to find one that is just right for your office space.

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